WBro Kevin Peter Stannard

WBro Kevin Peter Stannard
Assistant Provincial Grand Master


Kevin joined Freemasonry at the earliest opportunity after settling in the North East of England in 1989. His father, Gordon Peter “Paddy” Stannard, had been a keen Cheshire Freemason, but had advised Kevin against joining the Craft till he had completed his medical and sub-specialty ophthalmology training in London.

Kevin was initiated into Freemasonry in the Achilles University Lodge No 4078 in May 1990, at which time his father attended as a guest of the Lodge. Indeed, in the Ceremonies of Passing and Raising, Paddy was able to contribute to the ritual, making the ceremonies all the more personal and enjoyable.

After attaining the Chair for the first time in 1994, Kevin was later appointed to the newly founded Provincial Support Team in 1999 and contributed to the Emulation Demonstration Team as well as helping to support a number of Lodges that were struggling to maintain numbers.

Appointment in 2002 as Provincial Junior Grand Warden was followed, four years later by a hugely enjoyable time as a Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, which office he fulfilled till his appointment in 2012 as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

In the Royal Arch, Kevin was exalted into the Duke of Connaught Chapter No 3892 in 1992, attaining the First Principals Chair in 1997. He has been honoured to have been appointed as Provincial Third and subsequently Second Grand Principal and, in 2012, was appointed as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for the Provincial Grand Chapter of Northumberland.

In addition to the Craft and Chapter, Kevin enjoys membership of a number of other Orders, and is a Past Preceptor of the Royal Kent Preceptory No 20 in the Knights Templar and the current Sub Prior of the Provincial Priory of Northumberland from 2014; a Past High Priest of the Royal Kent Tabernacle TI; a Past Sovereign of the Royal Kent Chapter Rose Croix No 8 and a Past Sovereign of the Royal Kent Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine No 152.

Happily married for to Sharon, his wife of thirty two years, he has two children – a son, Michael, who works as a watersports instructor in Scotland, and a daughter, Louise, who is a veterinary surgeon in Newcastle.

Work as a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in the Newcastle Eye Centre in the RVI keeps him busy enough during the day that he doubly enjoys his masonic activities in the evenings allowing him to recharge his batteries enough to walk the dog, Ruby, at weekends.