The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom

The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests



Grand Superintendent & High Prelate
T W David Railson K.C.P.O

District Grand Director of Ceremonies
David Melvin KHW,PGIVP

District Recorder
John Liddle CHW, PGIIIP
3 Station Road,
Percy Main,
North Shields
NE 29 6HN
Tel: 0191 2931579
Mobile 07811457022
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

D Railson KTP

Tabernacles Meeting in the District of Northumberland and Durham

Finchale, No 3 Gateshead
Brinkburn, No 28 Morpeth
Lindisfarne, No 81 Berwick upon Tweed
All Saints, No 101 Burnopfield
St. George of Throckley, No 124 Throckley
The Prior’s Haven, No 134 North Shields
Wudcestre, No 140 Ashington
Venerable Bede, No 155 Durham
St. Cuthbert, No 174 Darlington
Bernicia, No 183 Blyth

        Royal Kent Tabernacle  T.I. is attached directly to Grand College and meets at Fern Avenue

The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom is governed by the Grand College of England and is a Christian Masonic Order. The headquarters of the Order are in the historic City of York, England.

To be considered for membership of this deeply significant Order, you MUST be a subscribing member of the following Masonic bodies:

  1. a Craft Lodge
  2. a Royal Arch Chapter
  3. a Knights Templar Preceptory

You MUST also be a Past Master of a Craft Lodge AND profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

The Order, in its modern form, did not set out to be deliberately exclusive, but the 31 Appendant Degrees each have their own ceremonial working and it was determined, by our Founders, that a Mason needed to be of a certain standing and qualification within Freemasonry to comprehend and appreciate these especial degrees.

The District of Northumberland and Durham (No. 23) comprises 10 Tabernacles located within the Craft Provincial boundaries of Northumberland and Durham. Tabernacles generally meet two or three times a year. Royal Kent Time Immemorial (TI) Tabernacle because of its historical status within the Order – its existence precedes the formation of Grand College – belongs directly to Grand College.